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Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars.  Our meandering stories about ghosts, bars, and scooters.  Sure, it's an odd combo, but trust us on this, it all makes sense.

Join us for the podcasts as we traverse the western states in search of classic pubs, dive bars, and haunted taverns on our Vespa Scooters.

Episodes 1 thru 4 feature our 10th annual Pubscoot '16 in the Sierra Nevada Gold Country and Sacramento Delta.  These are a 3 to 4 day romp visiting as many as 40 great pubs and bars. Hear the first hand yarns from servers, owners, and bartenders.

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  • Look Up, Look In, Look Out March 3, 2023
    Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. Oh, and a few UFO and UAP's for this extended episode that covers our recent scooter ride, summer PubScoot, and what the heck is going on above and around us.  It has been awhile, so there is lots of talk and catching up!  
  • E57 "Cannonballs and Kayaks" April 5, 2022
    Scott and Julie Taggart have each won the Scooter Cannonball--a cross country trip condensed into 10 powerful days.  We get to know them and hear stories on the road.  Later, Doctor John shares his touching story of a connection beyond...  
  • E56 "Reaching For Chainsaws" January 24, 2022
    We are back!  Scooter Talk. Ghost Stories. Bar Reviews. A Winter ride, a real  witch, and an annual scoot with our wives make for a terrific catch-up to our missing time and universal distractions. Join us, please, as we come back after a needed sabatical in the fifth element--the cosmic Ether.    #podcast #paranormal #scooter […]
  • E55 "Hot Dogs & Handguns Part 2" September 30, 2021
    Part two of our PubScoot 2021, an annual multi-day Vespa ride in search of classic pubs, dive bars, and haunted taverns--our goal to hit "Forty Bars in Four Days!"  Hear about some of the kindest servers, coolest bars, and tucked away nuggets on the west coast!  Oh, and we throw in a paranormal story or […]
  • E54 "Hot Dogs & Handguns" September 1, 2021
    This is part one of PubScoot 2021, our annual multi-day ride in search of classic pubs, dive bars, and haunted taverns. Ride with us as we attempt to visit Forty Bars in Four Days throughout southern Washington State and Oregon.  This is not safe or smart, but really fun.   Bar Reviews. Scooter Talk. Ghost Stories.  #PubScoot […]
  • E53 "Back in the Saddle (& Off the Wagon)" July 25, 2021
    Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. After an extended hiatus, the crew reconnects to catch-up on missing time, some ghostly stories, and recent rides.  Hear about haunted Restaurant 1833 in Monterey CA, Fun Facts, the Scooter Cannonball Run across America, lots of bars we barely remember!  
  • E52 "Heavy Social Drinker" March 25, 2021
    Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories.  We swing over to the East Coast and talk haunted houses, Gettysburg, and West Virginia with Fred.  We then check-in with Scoot Vermont plus Scooter News and Fun Facts!  Join us as we celebrate Spring and the upcoming scooter season! #paranormal #divebars #ghost #weeknites #vespa #scooter #ufo #sasquatch #haunted […]
  • E51 "Scooters & Conspiracies" February 14, 2021
    Lots of scooter talk including a fun & candid conversation with Vespa Club of America president Josh Rogers! Learn about the Miami University Motorcycle Ghost along with all those conspiracies that live in liminal areas of our soul.  #Scooter News, #Spooky News, Fun #Stupid facts from #uberfacts This super-sized edition is for the 200MM people […]
  • E50 "Patio Bars & Pavement Scars" January 24, 2021
    Shared stories of scooter crashes and great bars. #Domio audio helmet communication review, fun facts, scooter news and spooky #reddit #motorcycle #news with the whole scooter crew.  Probably the best scooter podcast ever! New #weeknites #single! Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories.
  • E49 "Murmurs in the Dark" January 2, 2021
    Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories.  Join our final 2020 podcast for some fun facts, scooter & spooky news, and a scary story from Ashley!  Mark talks about the haunted house he had in Knoxville TN. Weird facts about scooters and serial killer as a bonus! #paranormal #divebar #vespa #ghost #scooter

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