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Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars.  Our meandering stories about ghosts, bars, and scooters.  Sure, it's an odd combo, but trust us on this, it all makes sense.

Join us for the podcasts as we traverse the western states in search of classic pubs, dive bars, and haunted taverns on our Vespa Scooters.

Episodes 1 thru 4 feature our 10th annual Pubscoot '16 in the Sierra Nevada Gold Country and Sacramento Delta.  These are a 3 to 4 day romp visiting as many as 40 great pubs and bars. Hear the first hand yarns from servers, owners, and bartenders.

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  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S2 E3 "Already Dead" November 12, 2017
    A brisk compilation of boys on scooters in search of stories of the afterlife in the SODO district of Seattle and a jaunt to Steilacoom (Washington's oldest incorporated town) to visit classic bars and haunted taverns.  Skip tells his own haunting story and the Lizard and co-host Mark chime-in with scooter talk, bar banter, and […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S2 E2 "Bridges of Pendominono" August 11, 2017
    The final couple of days of PubScoot 17 with seven guys on scooters (with a four-day forty-bar goal) looking for classic pubs, #divebars, and #hauinted taverns!  Light #paranormal talk and stories with scooter banter. as we cruise from Mount Rainier through SW Washington State over the bridges to Astoria OR doing some "Keith (Pendominono) Watching." […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S2 E1 "Old Scratch and the Slow Roll" July 24, 2017
    Another season and new adventures in the afterlife on Scooters with Ghosts and Bars.  Our second season begins with PubScoot 17, a goal of (40) bars in (4) days as we travel to Tacoma, Vashon Island, West Seattle, White Center, Georgetown, Renton, Cumberland, Enumclaw, Buckley, Kapowsin, Elbe, and Ashford, (Just in the first 2 days). […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S1 E8 "The Accidental EVP" July 4, 2017
    With our season one wrap-up episode, we hear more about scooters, bars, and paranormal hi-jinx with the Chasing Ghosts crew in Tacoma, Algona-Pacific, Andrew Hansen of Tacoma Ghost Tours, and in your headphones.  Hear the stories of the Forum and Olympus Hotel, Coco Joes, and much more--including a creepy EVP. Then our team is getting […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S1 E7 "Mean Jean & The Lizard" June 1, 2017
    In a great day scoot through the south sound area of Washington State, we collect four ghost stories from four bars with four riders and re-tell the fateful meeting of The Lizard and Mean Jean at Joe's Place in Bucoda.  From Tacoma to Roy to McKenna to Tenino and Centralia hear scooter banter, bar histories, […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S1 E6 "Hometown Haunt" May 6, 2017
    A joyful day-scoot (while playing hooky from work) in search of old Tacoma ghosts in great bars! A visit and story or two from Casey at The Swiss, Joseph at Pacific Brewing, and Andrew Hansen of Tacoma Ghost Tours.  Side trips to Doyle's Public House, 7-Seas Brewery, and Tacoma's own Red Hots for a great dog. […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S1 E5-A BONUS "The Calaveras County Monster" April 23, 2017
    As promised in the latest Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars Podcast S1 E5 "Claire" Jeff Carlson, er, Carlson, shares "The Calaveras County Monster" story he has been retelling since the mid-sixties. This short feature doesn't have scooters or bars, but Carlson was the first one to get Mark (Skip) interested in the paranormal, so […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S1 E5 "Claire" April 14, 2017
    A fun Vespa scoot to Seattle's iconic Georgetown area for a lively historical interview with Peter Andrijeski, author and researcher of the great bar blog, . Hear real-life paranormal experiences and stories from Vanessa and Claire of the classic haunted Georgetown pub, Jules Maes Saloon. More bar and scooter banter from Mark (and Mark) plus a drop-in from […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S1 E4 "Slave" April 1, 2017
    Our group of Modern-Vespa riders in search of classic pubs, dive bars, and the afterlife find ourselves in the Sacramento Delta on our annual PubScoot.  This is the last in this series from the summer of 2016 (PubScoot '16) on our final exhausting day. Visits to Fosters Big Horn, Del Rio, Giusti's Place, and  our […]
  • Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. S1 E3 "Canary" March 25, 2017
    More dudes on Vespa's talking scooters, ghosts, and bars! Join us as we adventure on PubScoot '16 through Northern California Gold Country to the Sacramento Delta. More great original music from the Seattle band, "Weeknites".  Featured: The haunted town of Jackson, CA with the Fargo Club and National Hotel--beware of room 308. 

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